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Join us at the 2021 IPMI Mobility & Innovation Summit

On Wednesday February 24th, we’ll be hosting a panel called The Hybrid Workplace: What it means for parking technology, commute flexibility, and mode shift that features our very own Tyler Simpson as moderator.

Here’s the lowdown on our hosted session:

Major companies across the U.S. are announcing plans for a hybrid workplace once the pandemic subsides. This is an effort to offer employees more flexibility to work remotely, an amenity that though forced upon us in March, has proven popular among employees. While the majority of employees do want to return to the office in some capacity, many are asking for more flexibility. With the rollout of the vaccine, the return to work timeline has more certainty building around it, and employers soon need to start taking appropriate actions to prepare.

To attract and retain top talent, companies are adopting a hybrid workplace, and with that comes a need for daily flexibility and choice—and commute/parking technology that puts employees’ flexibility at its center. Now is the time for industry professionals to share best practices for employers planning a return to the workplace in 2021. How do I adapt my policies to manage demand and provide flexibility? How do I implement these changes at my organization? What does an employee-first approach look like in our new normal for commuting?

Join this informative session with us on Wednesday February 24th @ 3:15 ET and bring your questions about the hybrid workplace commute!

Speakers include:
Ed Lewis, SVP of Business Development, Arrive
Melanie Truhn, Senior Associate, Nelson\NygaardExpedia Group
Kevin Bopp, Vice President of Parking & Mobility, Bedrock Detroit

Event details:
The Changing Landscape
February 24 & 25, 2021
12:00 – 6:00 pm ET


What do backcountry skiing, parking & mobility, and planning a safe return to work have in common? Luum Director of Marketing Kelly Koster explains in this blog for International Parking & Mobility Institute (IPMI).

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