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Luum unifies all aspects of the commute for employers – benefits administration, parking management, engagement tools – for an unrivaled employee and admin experience.

Employee Engagemtent Tools

Engage and Empower Your Employees

Elevate your commute program by delivering benefits that match employee preferences and make the commute that much sweeter.

Activate the communication tools, gamification and rewards for a healthier commute program that nurtures team engagement and promotes employee wellness.

You're In Good Commute Company

Join the post-Spreadsheet revolution

Managing your commuter benefits program with spreadsheets is now an avoidable inefficiency with Luum.

Revel in the the power of a seamless system for managing all aspects of commute - benefits administration, parking management, employee engagement tools –and realize greater productivity (not to mention more smiles) within your workforce.

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Delta Dental

Commuter Benefits Case Study

Check out how Delta Dental leveraged Luum to make their campus move a breeze and give employees the commuter benefit flexibility they needed along the way.

Give Top Talent One More Reason to Choose You

With 1 in 4 employees reporting they've left a job due to their commute – and 75% considering the commute when weighing a job offer – there's no doubt that your commuter benefits offerings are a vital piece to attracting and retaining talent.

Let's work together to solve your parking challenges, benefit gaps, and mobility misadventures.


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