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Many of our customers engage over 90% of their employees and drastically reduce their drive-alone rates. This results in happier employees and reduced parking demand, all while improving the company’s bottom line.

More than just a commute management platform

Luum goes beyond traditional transportation demand management (TDM) capabilities with the addition of HR commuter benefits and parking management tools. Both capabilities are critical components towards achieving high levels of employee engagement and behavior change.

Parking Charges - mac
Parking Isn't free

It All starts with parking

How do we actually measure commute behavior change if we aren’t measuring where most of us start: driving-alone and parking?

It’s like a poorly run diet where you only track the times you exercise and eat celery but ignore the cake and carbs you consume. That’s no way to measure change – nor will you achieve the results you’re looking for.

Incentives Alone
Don’t change behavior

Thanks, science! Studies have shown that a combination of incentives and disincentives is most effective at encouraging active transportation through behavior change.

Your commute program can use disincentives (i.e. parking charges) to fund the incentives, creating a budget neutral program. All of this thanks to Luum's industry leading parking management tools and extensive parking data.


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