Luuminary 21 Wrap Up

A virtual conference with the brightest minds in mobility.


Overheard at the conference...

It’s time for a fresh start...there is a time of major change after working from home for over a year now. We want to communicate this great opportunity.
— Lucy Noble from Google on the employee commute 

We give every employee a free pass for transit whether it's a week, month, or year...we want to create a less cumbersome process for getting benefits to our people.
— Aneka Patel from Whole Foods Market on subsidizing sustainable commutes

Get rid of the SOV [single-occupancy vehicle] … watch that dissipate, man!
— Melvin Justice from Tesla on his one wish for the future of commuting

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Paulo | Nunes-Ueno Consulting




Planning For The Post-Pandemic Commute

The past two years have dramatically affected every part of our lives—work, school, family, public transportation, and much more. In this timely keynote, Paulo addresses the ways employers, transit agencies, and cities are preparing for the post-pandemic commute and how more sophisticated employer commute policies can make employees' lives better. 

There will be an incredible demand for more flexibility in the way people work and travel. We need to make these decisions easy for employees. 

— Paulo Nunes-Ueno on the post-pandemic commute


Pragathi B

Pragathi | Moderator

Leveraging Commute Data When Planning For A Return To Office

For many, the workplace of the future is one with greater flexibility where an employee works in the office some days and from home other days. In this session, Aneka, Erin, and Lisa share strategies, challenges, and opportunities around commute data—and how we can use this data to improve policies.  



Marko | Moderator

What We Can Learn From The Essential Workforce Commute

The commute to an essential job must be safe, efficient, and the least of an employee’s concerns. This session explores how several employers with an essential workforce have met the commuting challenge through the pandemic, what they learned through this time, and how they plan to integrate lessons into future strategies.



Todd | Moderator

Applying Behavior Change Science And Marketing Tools To Promote Sustainable Modes

Hear from experts in marketing, behavior change, and employee messaging on how to encourage sustainable modes post-pandemic—such as transit, rideshare, biking and walking. Lucy, Joey, and Sean give you the tools and strategies necessary to promote shared modes among your employees or constituents. 

Joseph Sherlock from Duke University:

We have a once-in-a-generation moment where the whole population has been forced to break their commuting habits. This is an opportunity to incentivize people to change their behaviors.

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