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Flexible and optimized parking programs are critical to delivering on your hospital’s mission of care. 

Explore leading commute technology designed to meet the specific, around the clock needs of hospital parking administrators, while also delivering in-app parking and transportation options to staff.

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Flexibility, Choice, and Assurance

Quickly implementing new staff parking policies—that respond to the changing environment—is vital to the success of our hospital partners. Make the switch to daily charges to generate more parking revenue, while staff pays less each month.

No matter your challenges and goals, Luum's platform can efficiently optimize parking across your entire commute program:

  • Quickly move from monthly permits to daily parking charges
  • Allow staff to make parking reservations, via app, 24/7/365
  • Fully configurable, create and test new tiered parking models

" We certainly could not have implemented changes at this magnitude without Luum."

- Hospital Commute Admin (on Covid changes)

Commute management platform lineup

Support your hospital staff through onboarding and change

Built on a simple and intuitive platform, Luum streamlines staff parking, benefits administration, and transportation options for hospitals. To help you manage your people with ease—while keeping them happy, engaged and informed.

Meet the commuter benefits platform—grounded in parking management—that's built to benefit everyone.

A complete commute platform to save you time

Move from spreadsheets to specialized parking management software. Turn manual, 10-minute data-entry tasks into clickable, sixty second ones—from staff onboarding and parking applications to lot assignment and access device management. Tap into the productivity and peace of mind that come with automation and integration of your administrative parking process. 

Spreadsheet to commute resource management

Commute resources for hospitals

Swedish Hospital



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Swedish is not only committed to being the best
place to receive care, but also to being the best place to work…

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Oregon Health & Sciences University transforms their staff parking experience


Make The Transition To Daily Parking

In these extraordinary times, employers are quickly moving from monthly parking permits to daily parking and reservations. More flexibility. Less demand. Proven resiliency.

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Seattle Children's

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SCH had a math problem...
10,000 employees on staff and only 1,100 parking spaces. Find out how they executed on their bold commute plans with the help of Luum.

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Leading With Empathy: Revisiting Your Commuter Communications Plan

Access our step-by-step guide to communicating with your employees at a time of uncertainty.

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Growing Through The Challenges

Read on to learn about some of the innovative ways our partners are using Luum to weather this disruption, planning for the transition back to the office, and building resiliency to safeguard against future disruptions.

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With Change

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Leading With Change: Luuminary20

Read on to learn about some of the innovative ways our partners are using Luum to weather this disruption, planning for the transition back to the office, and building resiliency to safeguard against future disruptions.

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Transitioning to daily parking takes a dedicated team with a great plan, take it from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU). And it can be made more seamless with the right technology partner in place.

Parking reservations in the palm of their hand

When parking capacity is limited, daily parking reservations allow peace of mind for those staff who need to park on a given day—and options for those not driving. This allows employees to select a parking location and the vehicle they will be driving to work on a given day by ensuring that they will have a space.

Employee Parking Reservations
Employee Carpool and Vanpool

Closed-network carpooling you can count on

Employees looking for a carpool buddy within your hospital can utilize the self-serve ridematching tool. Employees can also search the existing database of vanpools to find and join the pool that best fits their commuting needs.

Daily parking charges are automatically split equally between the driver and rider(s), and applied directly to payroll.

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.


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Agile, Data-driven decisions

All great business decisions start with data. And Luum’s near real-time parking data allows you to immediately see the impact of your program policies, incentives, and communications.

Luum integrates with your existing parking, payroll, and HR systems, as well as numerous third party mobility apps. This streamlines administration and data capture, empowering you to quickly learn, adapt, and implement policies at scale.




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