Employee Commute Experiences Matter More Than Ever

With Luum's commuter management platform for administrators and app for employees, you'll have the data and tools to take your program and people the distance.


Automation in everything

Streamline your commuter benefits onboarding process with Luum’s automated communications. Invite employees to explore their commuter benefits on their first day - before commute habits have been formed. Send targeted communications and campaigns based on commute preferences for higher levels of employee engagement.

Targeted Communications

Don’t spam employee inboxes. Thanks to your rich commute data, you can be intentional and targeted with email communications. This will keep employees engaged, listening, and open to changing behaviors. Segment employees based on parking assignments, commute mode, and onboarding date – just to name a few.


Here's What Employees are saying about the commute

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Commuter Rewards

Rewards are a key component of an incentives strategy and intended to motivate behavior change toward desired commute modes. Employees may sign up to win prizes by logging alternative commutes. Rewards can be targeted to specific employee-commuter groups allowing for A/B testing, where prizes are fully customizable.


Employees can engage in friendly competition to see how they rank against their fellow commuters across all alternative commute modes. Additional gamification such as badges and levels will help motivate employees to try new modes, log trip data and sustain engagement.


You're In Good Commute Company



Employees looking for a carpool buddy within their organization can utilize the self-serve ridematching tool. Employees can also search the existing database of vanpools to find and join the pool that best fits their commuting needs.

Admins can filter interested employees based on home address, worksite, and arrival/departure times – quickly forming new vanpools that work for employees.

Guaranteed Ride Home

When life happens, Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is the safety net some employees need in order to leave their personal vehicles at home.

Proven to cut administrative costs and improve the employee experience, GRH through Luum integrates with rideshare services to bring the convenience and familiarity of today's mobility options to your team in times of need.


Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.



Parking Management

Luum is the leading end-to-end parking management solution for employers seeking to automate and optimize their employee parking programs—with features that are built (and constantly being updated) to serve the very specific needs of your parking workflows.

Deep Integrations

Parking Hardware. Payroll. 3rd Party Mobility Providers. Single Sign-On. Agnostic and all about API's, Luum integrates with existing systems and desired apps for a seamless, fully connected experience. 

Pre-Tax Benefits

Fully integrated into your commuter platform and digital wallet ready, the Pre-tax Commuter Card finally brings all commuter benefits under one roof. What's more: Employees can save up to 40% on commute expenses utilizing pre-tax dollars.

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