More Than A Platform, We're Your Partner for commute Program Success

Through software implementation, policy adoption and employee engagement –– your Luum Customer Success Manager provides the resources, training, and best practices to help you maximize the value of Luum’s Commuter Benefit Management system for your organization.

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Customer Experience

Alignment at all phases is key. Starting on day one, a Luum Customer Success Manager will work with you to exact alignment of your commute program – benefits, parking, mobility and more –  with your business objectives. Our team of domain experts brings decades of collective experience in technology, transportation, and analytics to the table.

Luum works with a number of Fortune 100 companies who are true pioneers in commute benefits policy and administration. As a Luum customer, you can tap into this knowledge base through networking events, case studies, and best practice guidance.

Implementation Strategy

To successfully launch new and expanding customers, Luum provides a dedicated implementation team:
  • Partnership: Implementation Manager works directly with customer’s commute team from green light to launch
  • Planning: Customized implementation plan to document and track goals, scope, and schedule
  • Management: Project management of implementation, including technical integrations
  • Coaching: Overlap with Luum’s Customer Success and Support teams to share best practices and industry leading approaches

We are with you at every step – and every alternative mile

As your organization grows, your policies and practices must evolve at the same rate. We will support you when the time comes to redefine your policies in order to meet your strategic objectives and business goals. Your Customer Success Manager will proactively monitor your progress and regularly share best practices and recommendations to help you reach short and long-term goals. When you’re ready to evolve your commute program into its next phase, we’ll be there to recommend programs, products, and incentives – all streamlined and unified in Luum’s commute benefits software.

Dedicated support to
drive success

Have a question? Hit a bump in the road? You can expect a speedy response when you access technical support experts through Luum’s dedicated support portal. We'll help with bug fixes, product configuration changes, and questions while you discover helpful resources in Luum’s knowledge base. In addition to how-to guides and key technical information, you'll also have access to success stories from other Luum customers.


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