Lyft with Luum

A flexible, convenient and reliable mobility benefit

The work commute we once knew has changed, and employee benefits must evolve as well. Flexible, equitable, and accessible—Lyft with Luum is the natural evolution of traditional commuter benefits. Empower your people with rideshare options—so they can get to work on their own terms with your support.


Integrate Lyft With Luum Into Your Mobility Benefits Program

Lyft with Luum is part of an enterprise mobility benefits platform that makes the employee commute experience better. Your Luum commute specialist will work with you to prepare a recommendation that suits the needs of your organization.

return to office

Reimagine the commute and incentivize employees to come to the office with our mobility solutions—fit for a flexible, hybrid workplace.

attract and retain talent

Navigate the Great Resignation with confidence. Find and keep talent that might otherwise leave due to limited commute options.

equitable commute options

Put equity at the forefront of your mobility benefits with flexible mobility benefits for diverse workforce commute options.

enhance governance

Mitigate risk by managing tax implications and configure governance through controls like daily ride limits and reimbursements caps.

simplify administration

Automate administration of Lyft Commutes with employee roster integration and expense management, saving time and resources.

understand employee behavior

Gain a holistic view of commute behavior within the Luum platform, including how and where Lyft funds are being used.

Improve the employee commute experience

book rides in Luum mobile app

Easily access and request Lyft rides from the home screen of the Lyft app. 

start riding

Receive seamless direction from Luum to Lyft to finalize the ride and get moving, with subsidies automatically applied.

guaranteed ride home (GRH)

Help employees get to where they need to be with Guaranteed Ride Home, accessible in the Luum web portal or mobile app. 

Simplify administration and compliance

ensure correct usage

Manage compliance, eligibility, and tax implications associated with subsidizing Lyft rides.

simplify expenses

Lyft ride expenses are automatically submitted and available for review, with auto-approval options available.

bring together insights

Bring together data from Lyft and other apps with Luum, getting a complete view of employee commute behaviors and subsidy usage. 

Get ready for the ride.

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