Commute flexibility starts with daily parking

Your commuters are ready for better options. Better parking options. Better mobility options. And commuter benefits that go beyond typical transit and parking options.

This is especially true if you're rolling out your hybrid workplace, return to office plan.

Luum connects your workforce to the workplace with commute tools that makes sense for both your organization and employee needs.

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Meet the Changing Demands of Parking.

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Plan, Promote and Reward Sustainable Commute Options.

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Get Employees Home Safely, On-Demand.

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Incentivize Trips Between Home and Office

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Build a Trusted and
Safe Network of Commuters.

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Adapt your commute program to changing mobility needs

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Hybrid Workplace

Tech companies are leading the way towards hybrid workplaces, models that incorporate both in-office and remote work. With automatic daily parking charges and reservations, employees only pay for parking when they need it, and know that a space is waiting for them.


Employee Experience

Luum has a modern employee experience to make it easy for everyone at your organization to find a convenient, safe, and affordable way to get to work. Luum gives employees access to parking and sustainable commute options, like scooters, transit and vanpools.

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Benefits innovation

When 1/4 of employees say a bad commute was the reason for leaving a job, it’s essential to consider the commute in your benefits package. Commuter benefits are a cost-effective and meaningful way to attract employees and keep them productive and happy!

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Parking Cost Savings

With Luum’s flexible parking tools, provide parking access for your employees without owning or leasing your own spots. Unlock cost savings - immediately - by shedding excess parking facilities. You can even earn a little extra revenue by charging visitors to park in your lots!

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.



Brett Dodson

OHSU | Director of Tram, Transportation & Parking

We strive to continually innovate and improve the commute experience for all OHSU employees. And this requires software capable of managing a robust commuter benefits program. Luum gives us data and tools to test new policies and reach our program goals. 


Tod Sturgeon

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance | Program Coordinator - Transportation

Before Luum, daily parking for staff was incredibly labor-intensive to manage. Moving this—and all of our parking management workflows—from spreadsheets to a single, intuitive system that houses all of our data has fundamentally changed our parking program for the better, and in a very short time.


Karen Aliabadi

Delta Dental of Washington | Chief Human Resources Strategist

When we set out to build our transportation program, we asked ourselves: how can we provide the best possible commute experiences for our team? Luum has enabled us to manage and deliver on this strategic priority. They put a program together for us called MyCommute and it has been embraced wholeheartedly by employees.


Jenny Cadigan

OHSU | Program Manager, Transportation & Parking

Luum has become the centerpiece of our commute programs, and is a platform that can scale as our needs change and evolve.


Becky Masters

Delta Dental of Washington | Director of Digital Experience

Luum allows us to offer daily parking through our app. This means that employees only pay for parking on the days they need it and everyone gets to choose the best commute for them, on a daily basis. This kind of flexibility fosters better employee experiences.


Parking Integrations

We integrate with most parking vendors on the market, allowing you to keep your current access control systems in place and capture parking data across a wide range of equipment manufacturers and access control systems.

Payroll Integrations

We'll work with your existing payroll system for seamless administration. Every bonus earned, parking charge incurred, or pre-tax election made will be reflected in an employee's paycheck. This means greater visibility for you and your employees.

We have sophisticated knowledge of parking and transit federal tax guidelines so you never have to worry about compliance.

Return to office commute toolkit


Return to office Commute Tools

Commute with Confidence

Download this toolkit to explore parking and mobility options to meet your workforce needs.

  • Daily, reservable, and contactless: the trifecta of successful employee parking programs
  • Flexible, sustainable, and equitable: commute options for all
  • Transparent, timely, and connected: communications that engage commuters

We heard from customers in technology, healthcare, higher education, and other industries
they bought Luum to:


Move away from time-consuming spreadsheets to a time-saving platform for employee commute management. Luum admins are able to automate onboarding, approve applications, and send parking offers with just a few clicks. 

Give administrators a time-saving tool to automate configurations, communications, and reporting.


92% reduction in time spent with each carpool/vanpool creation


92% reduction in time spent on monthly communications


90% reduction in time spent on monthly reporting and analytics

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