Build a foundation of commuter flexibility

Luum is a suite of commute management tools centered around powerful parking features that provide flexibility and choice. Complement your program with transit, carpool, and pre-tax benefits. Together, we’ll build a commute program that’s easier to manage, makes employees happier, and achieves your business goals.

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Meet the Changing Demands of Parking.

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Commuter Benefits


Plan, Promote and Reward Sustainable Commute Options.

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Get Employees Home Safely, On-Demand.

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Keep Employees Connected, Engaged and Informed.

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Build a Trusted and
Safe Network of Commuters.

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Provide Safe Transport Alternatives to Employees

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Hybrid Workplace

Tech companies are leading the way towards hybrid workplaces, models that incorporate both in-office and remote work. With automatic daily parking charges and reservations, employees only pay for parking when they need it, and know that a space is waiting for them.

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Employee Experience

Luum has a modern employee experience to make it easy for everyone at your organization to find a convenient, safe, and affordable way to get to work. Luum gives employees access to parking and sustainable commute options, like scooters, transit and vanpools.

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Benefits innovation

When 1/4 of employees say a bad commute was the reason for leaving a job, it’s essential to consider the commute in your benefits package. Commuter benefits are a cost-effective and meaningful way to attract employees and keep them productive and happy!

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Parking Cost Savings

With Luum’s flexible parking tools, provide parking access for your employees without owning or leasing your own spots. Unlock cost savings - immediately - by shedding excess parking facilities. You can even earn a little extra revenue by charging visitors to park in your lots!


Unlock flexible employee commute options built for the hybrid workplace

From the beginning, we've been focused on improving the commute. Now is the time to carefully consider the connection between home and work by offering people flexibility and benefits to build a bridge to your hybrid workplace. You want your employees to return to the office—we can help you get them there.

Parking Reservations for the hybrid Workplace

Every brilliant, problem-solving parking team needs some support in their corner. This is why we’ve built new, state-of-the-park functionality into our commute platform. Specifically designed to solve the evolving parking challenges of the hybrid workplace, Advanced Parking Reservations delivers enterprise-sized solutions for greater flexibility, visibility, and automation. We've got every corner of your commute program covered. 

Employee Parking Reservations

Third-Party Garage Parking

Managed Visitor Parking

Advnaced Parking for enterprise

Mini Case Study

Reduce parking demand, Increase Sustainable Commutes

Parking and sustainable commutes with Luum

Reduce parking demand by monitoring parking data and encouraging employees to take sustainable commutes. One of our enterprise tech customers used a combination of commute bonuses (where employees receive a small cash sum for non-car commutes) and daily parking charges to dramatically reduce parking demand in less than a year.

As workplaces go hybrid—with in-office and remote work—it’s essential to give employees more ways to get to work and flexible parking options. By charging for parking daily, employees only pay for the days they come in. Luum processes bonuses and charges automatically through payroll, creating a seamless experience for all employees.

Build a foundation
of flexibility

Your workplace is evolving. For the better. And now is the time to invest in flexible, enterprise-enabled commute tools that support the hybrid workplace—and get your people back into offices with confidence. 

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Make The Transition
To Daily Parking

Make The Transition To Daily Parking

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