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Designed to deliver ultimate flexibility for commuters—Luum's enterprise platform engages employees, streamlines benefits, manages parking and integrates the mobility options of your choosing.


Flexible Commute Stipends

Whatever kind of commute behavior you’d like to encourage—from biking to bus to rideshare to scooters—Luum’s powerful commuter benefits system can make it happen. With flexible commute stipends as well as auto-logged and approved expenses, we’ll help you empower your employees with flexible options so they can choose the daily commute mode that is right for them.

Parking Management

Luum is the leading end-to-end parking management solution for employers seeking to automate and optimize their employee parking programs—with features that are built (and constantly being updated) to serve the very specific needs of your parking workflows.


Employee Engagement Tools

Engaging your team is critical to the success of any commuter benefits program. With Luum, you can create a culture of commuter delight with simple to use communication tools, gamification features and employee rewards.



Transitioning to daily parking isn't without its challenges, just ask Oregon Health and Science University. But it can be a lot easier with the right technology partner in place.

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.



Data Insights and Integrations

All business decisions start with data. Luum’s near real-time data allows you to immediately see the impact of your program policies, incentives, and communications. Gain unprecedented visibility into employee commute choices, pre-tax elections, and overall program performance. Transform your commuter program from an expense into a vital tool for attracting and retaining talent—and one with measurable ROI.

Pre-tax Commuter Cards

Fully integrated into your commuter platform and digital wallet ready, the Pre-tax Commuter Card finally brings all commuter benefits under one roof.

Each employee can save up to 40% on commute expenses utilizing pre-tax dollars, while enjoying new levels of visibility into their commuter benefits and that same flexibility that their favorite mobility apps afford them when they are away from the office.


You're In Good Commute Company


Expense Reimbursements

Seamlessly reimburse employees for eligible commute expenses on the go. Employees snap a picture, submit the request, and see the reimbursement on their next paycheck. Set a monthly cap and let Luum monitor it for you. Automate reimbursements on your terms. Give your employees flexibility to use the commute modes they know and love.

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