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WEBINAR | 7.20.22

The Future of Commute

If the pandemic has taught us anything about the workplace, it’s that people want flexibility and choice. We at Luum believe that this is the future of the commute. We are excited to gather with industry leaders to talk about how organizations across the US are restructuring their Return to Office plans and commuter programs in this new workplace reality.

WEBINAR | 12.16.21

Behavioral Parking Research

Come hear the latest research findings from Vanderbilt University and Duke’s Center for Advanced Hindsight regarding their commute framing and parking policy field studies. Explore behavioral barriers such as low pain of payment, inertia, and sunk cost; and share practical modifications you can make to your commute program to reduce parking demand through pricing structures, messaging frameworks, and policy changes.

WEBINAR | 10.26.21

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA)

This webinar features SCCA and Luum in a discussion around how SCCA made the switch from monthly to daily parking—a critical first step towards delivering flexible mobility benefits to their new hybrid workforce.

WEBINAR | 5.19.21

Expedia Group

In this webinar, we take a lens to the 5 essential commute policies that every workplace needs to adopt to accommodate the future of work.

WEBINAR | 10.29.20

Expedia Group

Get a first-hand look at the policies and platform that have shaped the Expedia Group commute program, making it one of the most forward-thinking, employee-empowering programs out there.

WEBINAR | 09.01.20

Whole Foods Market & Movability Austin

In this webinar, we join forces with Movability and Whole Foods Market to discuss returning to the workplace, commute trends in light of the pandemic. We explore why now is the time to update your policies and benefits towards greater flexibility and convenience for employees—to help build confidence in their commute as they get back into offices.



Featuring Google, Tesla, Whole Foods, Vanderbilt University, King County Metro Transit, and others! Get insights from the brightest minds in mobility and learn about the benefits that are changing the way we commute.


WEBINAR | 03.03.20

Seattle Children's Hospital

Seattle Children’s Hospital Director of Transportation, Jamie Cheney, takes us on a deep dive into the policies and results that have shaped SCH's trailblazing commute program. Using a strategic blend of incentives and disincentives—which they activate and administer through Luum—SCH has reduced its drive-alone rate to 33%.

WEBINAR | 09.22.19

Google & Bedrock | Joint Webinar with ACT

Gain insights from Sabrina Ruiz, Transportation Program Manager at Google, on how her program used a combo of incentives and disincentives resulting in a 43.5% parking reduction. You'll also hear from Kevin Bopp, VP of Parking and Mobility at Bedrock, on how daily incentives for non-drive alone trips increased alternative commutes by 3% (a remarkable feat for an organization with over 15,000 employees).

DIGITAL CONFERENCE | May 19 & 20, 2020


Featuring Allina Health, Alta Planning + Design, Bedrock, Bikes Make Life Better, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Expedia Group, Oregon Health & Science University, Vanderbilt University, and others! Get insights into the programs and partnerships that drive commute innovation.

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