Flexible Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits For whatever comes next

Save money and simplify with the Luum Commuter Card for Transit or Parking. Interested in a free consultation about upgrading commuter benefits at your organization? We're here to help.  

Luum is the only pre-tax provider on the market built on a suite of commute management tools

Flexible parking features for now and later

Engage more employees to calm commuter anxiety

Simple management tools for busy admins 

Strong Partnership to grow an effective commute program

Flexible Parking, Safer Commutes

More employees will choose to drive alone to work when we return to the office. The Luum Commuter Card enables employees to pay for all types of parking with pre-tax dollars - including street parking. This saves them money and reduces the burden on your parking supply. Luum’s suite of parking tools - including real-time parking availability, parking reservations, and customizable parking charges - will help you lower employee stress and manage demand.


Let's Keep Employees Happy and Healthy

We’ve designed our platform to be modern and intuitive, making it simple for employees to access and use their benefits. Use the Luum Commuter Card for Parking or Transit to empower your employees to make safe, smart, and money-saving commute choices during the transition back to the workplace.

Simple and Powerful Program Administration

Supporting your employees is easier with Luum. Leverage the admin dashboard to manage your pre-tax commuter benefits hub, no need for a middle man or change orders. Easily access benefit elections and employee usage to understand your program ROI.


Parking Reservations

Give your team the added comfort that a spot will be waiting for them by using Luum parking reservations - available on mobile and web.

Parking Charges

However you price parking at your worksite, use Luum to manage and administer parking charges directly to employee payroll.

Parking Management

Like with every mode of transportation, leverage Luum to track parkers with real-time data, automate assignments/offers, manage your waitlist, and register vehicles for enforcement.

Mobility Integrations

Luum integrates with many of the mobility apps your employees are already using, including Scoop, Waze Carpool, Lyft, and Strava. Collect data and provide subsidies at your choosing.

Transit Subsidies

Luum makes it simple to get transit cards in the hands of those who need them. Use Luum to automate your processes, provide subsidies or charges directly to employee payroll.

Automated Communications

Send communications targeted to different groups within your organization to ensure everyone gets the most relevant information. White label Luum to personalize your commute hub content, branding, and announcements. 

Robust Commute Analytics

Get near-real-time visibility into the commuting habits of your workforce with our robust suite of reporting and analytics tools.

Luum is Your Partner for Commute Success

There are a lot of unknowns about the commute right now. We’re here to help. Pre-tax commuter benefits are one of many tools needed to build a resilient commute program. We are the only pre-tax provider on the market built on a suite of commute management tools - capable and agile to scale with you as your program evolves.


Hear from Delta Dental's Chief Human Resource Strategist on why commuter benefits matter to her employees and how they use Luum to power their program:

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