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Vanderbilt University Launches Luum via MoveVU Commute Hub

Big news coming out of Nashville today as Vanderbilt University pushed its MoveVU Commute Hub liveThe groundbreaking Commute Hub is powered by Luum for Universities and puts greater commute flexibility and more sustainable options into the hands of staff, faculty and students using the app. 

MoveVU allows Vanderbilt community members to find carpools or vanpools that fit their unique commuting habits each day. And the University plans to roll out rewards and incentives to those who use the Luum app for their sustainable commutes, thereby encouraging the community away from driving alone to campus. 

Image from the MoveVU Website

The app tracks commutes and gives users a dashboard to track their stats—and see the impact of their positive commuter choices each day.  For more information on the innovative MoveVU Commute Hub at Vanderbilt University please click here.