Offer your employees Safer, more flexible Commute Options

All signs point to telework outlasting Covid. These commute solutions will too. Pandemic-proof. Future-proof. Here’s the proof:

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Commuter Benefits

Subsidies and Reimbursements

At a time when your employees may be trying to save extra money, use the Luum Commuter Card to provide a big benefit to your employees with a limited investment from your company. Help them save money by using pre-tax dollars to pay for transit and parking. Go further by offering a flexible subsidy that reflects the wide-ranging commute behaviors of your employees.

Administer this fully flexible commute subsidy through Luum—where all financial transactions are managed, tracked, and audited. You can easily adapt your benefit policies to prioritize safe commute options while we live with COVID, and then adapt to meet your commute program goals in the future.


Flexible commuter subsidies for transit passes, e-bikes, carpools, ride-hailing and more

Pre-tax commuter cards for transit and parking 

Commute bonuses for safe and sustainable modes 

Expense reimbursements

Commuter Card Widget

Commuter Card Widget

Commuter Card for Transit

Commuter Card Transit

Commuter Bonus and Achievements

Achievements & Bonuses

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Wherever you are in your return to the workplace planning, we'll meet you there.

We can help you find that optimal blend of commuter tools to solve your most pressing commute challenges today, while partnering with you to design a long-term technology plan in support of those innovative policies and flexible programs down the road. Let's get there, together.

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