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PSU partners with Luum to promote active commuting

SEATTLE and PORTLAND, Ore. (July 2, 2020) – Portland State University (PSU) has partnered with Luum, an enterprise commute benefit management platform that will provide PSU transportation administrators with a secure platform for targeted communications and employee commute data. The importance of active commuting, safety, and flexibility has risen drastically as organizations prepare to return to campuses and workplaces across the country amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

PSU’s campus is located in downtown Portland. Due to the opportunities and constraints of a growing urban campus, PSU is continually looking for ways to decrease vehicle congestion while promoting safe and reliable alternative modes of transportation. With Luum, PSU students and staff can log commutes, track personal statistics, compete with colleagues, receive incentives and rewards, and connect to mobility apps like Strava and MapMyFitness. 

While PSU has no set date to return to campus, it launched Luum on June 30 to begin engaging staff and students around their commute choices. PSU plans to run rewards programs for employees throughout the summer that are focused on getting people outside and in the habit of logging their trips in the Luum app for when they do return to campus.

“We are excited to partner with PSU to support their long-term commute program vision,” said Sohier Hall, President, CEO of Luum. “The timing for introducing Luum could not be more appropriate. In the pandemic-environment, Luum delivers the commute safety, flexibility, and continued access that employers and employees need. Today it’s pandemic preparedness, tomorrow it’s Paris Accord sustainability targets. PSU is a model for universities around the country that understand the connection between the commute and the strategic imperatives of the organization.”

For the rest of 2020, PSU is focusing on active commuting – extending what is typically Bike Everywhere Month in May to an entire year of bike commute programming. The growth of active commuting is necessary as students and staff return to campus with heightened public health concerns around shared commute options, such as public transit. It is an opportune moment to communicate, adapt, and change commuter benefits policies to extend empathy and flexibility to commuters when they return to the workplace.

PSU plans to leverage rewards for employee engagement in the near term, and eventually begin adding in more of Luum’s features such as transit pass and subsidy administration, as well as parking management.

“PSU is excited to partner with Luum in our continued efforts to reduce our campus’ climate impact,” said Clint Culpepper, Transportation Options Manager at Portland State University. “We see Luum’s tools to be vital in our community’s decision-making process and will be using them to convert our previous month-long bike challenge into an ongoing challenge with themes for each month of the year. This will also be the first time that we have a tool to connect interested carpoolers with each other, something that we’ve long wanted! As we move forward, we will be phasing in all of the Luum features to our employees and students and look forward to the continued growth of our program.”

Luum offers solutions for organizations that want to provide safe and sustainable commute options for their employees. This pandemic has further elevated the importance of commuting for business resiliency, employee health and productivity, and sustainability. As more commuters consider driving alone to work, employers must manage that increased demand through flexible policies like replacing typical monthly parking to daily parking, telecommuting, and active commuting.

As it turns out, PSU and Oregon Health and Science University are fierce competitors in the Portland bike commuting scene, and PSU did not want to be left behind. Now, with both institutions using Luum, they can finally see who has the biggest contingent of bike commuters once and for all.



Luum is a commute management platform that scales with organizations as their programs and policies evolve. Built to elevate policy-driven commute programs, Luum’s software unifies benefits administration, parking management, and mobility options for employees. Luum provides employers with a suite of commute tools as well as real-time data to drive behavior change, inform policy, boost employee engagement and augment corporate sustainability. With a current focus on providing safe, trusted and flexible commute options for frontline workers and those preparing for a return to the workplace, Luum understands that commute success looks different for every employer. Check-out our Commute Smarter, Commute Safer line-up at   Let’s Get There. Together.