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Luum Signs Anti-Mandatory Bike Helmet Law Petition

Contact: Kelly Hostetler
Corporate Affairs & Marketing

SEATTLE (January 16, 2020) – Luum, the leading provider of cloud-based commute management software for employers, today announced its decision to sign the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals’ petition against a pending National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendation for mandatory bike-helmet laws. 

Research shows mandatory helmet laws act as a barrier to entry for cyclists and place accountability for safety on cyclists rather than motorists – ultimately having an adverse effect on bicycle safety.  In fact, a recent source cites that less than 25% of bikeshare riders wear helmets, yet there have only been four recorded fatalities in 165 million bikeshare trips taken in the United States.  

“Luum believes in sustainable and accessible transportation modes for all as a key ingredient in lowering the transportation costs that most people experience every day,” said Sohier Hall, CEO of Luum.  “There is such strong momentum in communities in recognizing the need to tackle the cost of regional congestion in the face of economic growth. Mandatory helmet laws are an example of a step in exactly the wrong direction.”   

Luum is releasing this notice of its decision to sign to spark a discussion, raise awareness, and inspire others to join in support. For more information or to get involved with the Association of Pedestrian & Bicycle Professionals, please visit this website


About Luum 

A trailblazer in enterprise commute management software, Luum continues to redefine what’s possible with forward-thinking commuter benefit solutions for employers. Delivering a tailored blend of cloud-based applications and dedicated support to organizations—Luum serves to activate commute policies, centralize communications, streamline mobility options and shift commuter behavior to more sustainable modes. Luum’s customers include Fortune 100 employers, hospitals, universities and other world-class organizations. Together with employers, Luum connects with cities, transportation agencies, mobility suppliers and mobility professional groups to understand and inform the policies and benefits that employers offer to employees and complement regulation.   

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