Flexible Parking Reservations
for Employees

Progressing from monthly parking permits to daily parking reservations is a no-brainer for the hybrid work crowd. Offer your employees flexible booking options through Luum—leaving everyone with more time, money, and peace of mind.

Make it easy for your people to book a parking spot on days they come into the office. Open phone, select garage, hit reserve. This is the kind of mobile parking experience we’ve come to expect everywhere else—so why not make it a part of your organization’s commute experience, too? 

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Employee Parking

Whether it's by the hour, day, or week—allow flexible employee parking reservations at your owned and leased lots. With people coming in just a few days per week—or even per month—flexibility is now in the driver's seat. This means moving from monthly parking permits to a parking reservation system for your team. 

Phone-enabled, touchless reservations 

Employees pull up, scan, park 

Real-time visibility into parking trends 


Third-Party Garage

Need extra parking space? Employees can now reserve a parking spot at nearby garages for a guaranteed low rate—no lease required. Payments and/or reimbursements are processed through payroll, making parking seamless even on the busiest days.

Guaranteed lowest rate for employees

Don’t buy or lease new parking

Fully-automated reimbursements

Advanced Parking Reservations
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Visitor & Public
Parking Reservations

Have extra parking space? Allow the public to book open parking spaces in your owned lots to maximize your facilities and generate additional revenue. 

Maximize your parking revenue

Visitors reserve, pay, access via phone

Sell parking on nights, weekends, and for events

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Get The Advanced Parking Reservations Overview

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Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.



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