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Luum and Arrive announce partnership that will have employees commuting with confidence when it’s time.


Luum and Arrive today announced a partnership where Arrive’s Smart Parking service is made available to employers through Luum’s Commute Management Platform. Together, they serve leading corporations, universities, and hospitals throughout North America.

Arrive powers parking for hundreds of brands across a variety of businesses and verticals, making it simpler and more efficient for customers to find and pay for parking. Together, Luum and Arrive provide an employee-first, flexible commute experience. Arrive’s Smart Parking system enhances Luum’s best-in-class suite of enterprise commute tools that currently give employees access to transit, carpool, vanpool, shuttle, and pre-tax benefits, while also managing parking and administering charges. The combination of the market’s leading enterprise parking solution with the pioneer in holistic commute management gives commuters more flexibility when commuting to their workplace through parking reservations that allow employees to commute with confidence knowing a space is waiting for them.

“Luum’s customers and partners are either operating at full scale with their front-line essential workforce, or they are planning a phased return to the workplace throughout 2021,” said Sohier Hall, Luum’s President and CEO. “In all cases they demand the same thing: to assure a commute experience for their employees that is safe and flexible, and that gives employees complete confidence that they will have easy access to their workplace, without question. This is exactly what Luum is bringing to the market through its partnership with Arrive.

Luum CEO,
Sohier Hall

Luum’s mission is to help employers provide flexible, sustainable, and safe mobility options to their employees. To date, Luum has helped companies across North America reduce their carbon footprint, decrease parking demand, and boost employee satisfaction. Luum’s commute software helps employers drive sustainable modes such as carpooling, public transportation, and walking or biking.

Together with Arrive, Luum hopes to break employers from monthly parking permits to allow daily flexibility and choice to employees—whether they are driving or opting for a more sustainable mode—because this flexibility is the groundwork for business resilience.

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