What is a commute management platform?

A flexible, productive workplace starts before your employees come in the door — it begins (and ends!) with the commute. A commute management platform can help your organization boost productivity, maximize use of parking spaces, save on payroll tax, and meet local commute regulations.

The first step toward a successful commute management platform is commuting data — once you know how your employees commute, you can choose commute management tools that will give you the power to positively change your organization’s commute habits.

Whether you’re harnessing the power of pre-tax parking reservations, offering your employees incentives for sustainable commute choices, matching employees with colleagues to carpool with, or managing pre-tax elections for commuter expenses, a commute management platform saves you and your employees time, facilities, and money — without burying you in spreadsheets and paperwork.

At Luum, we believe in holistic commute management. This means combining incentives and disincentives, benefits, and reservations to reduce drive-alone rates from every angle.

A commute management platform allows you to stop paying for empty parking spots and invest in a sustainable and efficient commute program.

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August 10, 2017

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