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Upcoming: Commuter Benefits Webinar with Seattle Children’s Hospital

How To Build Your Best Commuter Benefit Policies

Featuring: Seattle Children’s Hospital

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020//11 AM PT | 2 PM ET

An Award-Winning, Employee-Empowering Commuter Benefits Program Doesn’t Happen Overnight.

With this in mind, Seattle Children’s Hospital built a culture of positive change through long-term planning and a sustained commitment to better commutes. Since 1995, the organization has reduced its drive alone rate by 54% by expanding mobility options for employees and implementing a series of commute policies, step-by-step. This has allowed them to build more clinical space, instead of parking garages.

In this Webinar, Seattle Children’s Hospital Director of Transportation, Jamie Cheney, will take a deep dive into the policies and results of their commuter benefits program, including the business motivators for implementing such a robust program. She will conclude by stepping back to the beginning by answering a common question, “How do I get started?” This webinar is applicable for any large employer facing commuter challenges – employee satisfaction and retention, parking problems, or sustainability measures – and is ready to improve their commuter benefits program.