The hybrid workplace

In 2020, workplaces everywhere learned the perks of working from home. As many employers plan to make flexwork a permanent feature of their offices, the need for a flexible hybrid commute program has never been greater.


Consider this — as employees return to in-person work, their concerns for health and safety will drive them to — you guessed it, drive. More single-occupancy vehicles leads to more parking demand.


Employers can reduce this demand and maximize use of space with incentives and disincentives. Bonuses for employees who carpool, bike to work, or skip the morning commute and work from home, eases the strain on parking facilities, while daily commuters have peace of mind in reserving a spot at work.


A workplace that combines policy and technology to promote sustainable commute choices can face uncertainty with confidence.

The Real Cost of Free Parking

By nickazure | August 12, 2019

If you’ve ever brought a book on a plane only to read a few pages the entire flight, you know how that unique disappointment feels. You hauled your book through security and used precious overhead space only to have it sit in your bag, nearly unread. Why would you bring something along that you hardly…