Jim Akagi, Digital Marketing Manager

Jim Akagi

Jim is originally from southeast Idaho, and grew up on a small horse ranch where as a kid, he helped raise and train Quarter horses, Thoroughbreds, and a small herd of cattle, cats, dogs, and little tiny mice. He is obsessed with his daughter who is just 6yrs old. Nothing occupies his heart and mind more than his little love!

He is an avid reader, and is known to be reading at least 8 to 10 books at any given time. He used to club race a Ducati 1198SP in midnight black. (But unfortunately, was one of the slowest guys on the circuit.) Loves photography. Loves reading and writing poetry. And recently bought his first Trek EMTB that he rides all over town with a huge grin on his face.

He comes from a well-rounded marketing background working for companies like Walgreens, Microsoft, RealNetworks, and Extreme Arts and Sciences.

About the only thing that comes close to the amount of love he has for his adorable and highly intelligent daughter, is marketing! No joke. He really, really loves marketing.