Hannah Pickering

Hannah is a writer at heart, storyteller by nature, and marketer by passion, a journey that started as a 4-year-old making up stories for her siblings to match the pictures in storybooks.

Born and raised in the shade of Cougar Mountain, Issaquah, until the age of 10, Hannah has traveled from the PNW to Central America, Utah, and the Midwest, making her way back to the wonderful blend or urban and wild that makes the Seattle metro area a beautiful place to live and work.

A journalism graduate from the University of Washington, Hannah translated her love of storytelling to impact lives from journalism to marketing in the B2B world and enjoys the thrill and challenge of helping grow businesses, solve problems, and tell stories around great products for great customers – most recently at Luum.

If she’s not at her desk working, reading, studying, or writing, Hannah can be found taking a new learning course, brewing a cup of coffee, reading, or running.