Lazy dog taking a nap


Hanako “The Golden Barnacle”. Her owner (a 6yr old girl named Eri) calls Hanako the “cat-dog”.  She’s a “cat-dog” because “Hana” (for short) likes to just lay around the house all day…every day.  Hana is about 8ish years old. —We don’t know exactly as she was adopted from a Seattle Humane Society’s adopt-a-bus.  She was the only dog in the company of a whole truck of cats!  No one seemed to want her because she smelled, was balding, and was a skinny tangled mess.  BUT, love, care, affection, and a healthy lifestyle has really breathed life in her TDM (TransBarkation Demand Management) bus-chasing dreams! In her words: “Barking and commuting is RUFF! So, take the bus and let your head hang out the window!” —Hanako