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Swipe Left: Major Commuter Benefits Providers Can’t Join the Tap and Pay Party

Yesterday, an article in the Wall Street Journal by Paul Berger, shed some very specific light (although there were also a few interviewees throwing a little shade too) on the innovation, or lack thereof, that’s happening in the commuter benefits marketplace.

What’s happening in NYC with the MTA is a microcosm of the greater commuter benefits problem occurring everywhere…technology has simply taken a back seat to the infrastructure. We’re here to put data and innovation in the driver’s seat.

At Luum, we are driven by the challenges of a space—nay, an institution—that has been relegated to the status quo for decades. This global institution of The Commute is deserving of more innovation, deeper integration, and just all around better experiences.

This is our raison d’etre (that’s French for why we commute to work every day) here at Luum.

Luum is 100% designed for humans that commute (and, of course, droids that you may landspeederpool with). We’re here to Luumanize the commute—partnering with the best possible conduit for change: employers.

Join us, all ye who employ, and let’s make tomorrow’s commute that much better for your team.

Oh and, by the (sub)way, with our new digital wallet compatible commuter benefit card we’re ready for some tap and play here at Luum: