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PODCAST: Shining A Light On Your Commute To Work

Our very own Kelly Koster, Director of Marketing, joins Greg and Dave at the Boiling Point podcast to discuss how Luum is helping organizations build their best commute program. And how the pandemic is reshaping the role of commuter benefits (for the better!) in a flex work world.

In This Episode

First 10 Minutes
Learn about what Luum is trying to do in helping organizations manage their employees commuting experience. Dave asks about the adoption of businesses using Luum and how the company got started.

10 Minutes – 20 Minutes
How software like Luum is helping companies future proof the commute by building infrastructure that is needed and not investing in those that aren’t required. Dave asks Kelly about the impact of COVID and work from home programs. Kelly explains that by offering flex work options, it changes behavior. She gives an example of businesses realizing employees can’t pay for monthly parking and need to offer other options. Kelly explains benefits like commute bonuses that encourage employees not to commute alone.

20 Minutes – 30 Minutes
Greg asks about how things are logged and keep people from forgetting to log things. Kelly explains that Luum integrates with parking garages, rideshare apps and RFID chips to log a lot of the functionality automatically. Dave asks how long Luum has been active and if there are competitors. Kelly explains how Luum started about 7 1/2 years ago and started as a social good platform but pivoted when they found the bike share motivation and gamification push stuck with employers. Greg asks about smaller businesses using Luum. Kelly explains that they are working more with small employers from different small companies coming together, for example, like office parks. Dave asks Kelly about how they educate people about the app. Kelly explains how they encourage companies who speak about their programs. Greg explains what Hemmings House does to manage its carbon footprint through buying sustainable forest management. Kelly explains that Luum includes data like that at a company level and to an individual. 

30 Minutes – End 
Kelly talks about how they do take in considerations the types of vehicles that people drive as well within the app. 

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