LUUMINARY21 | 6.8.21

Keynote Address:

Planning for the post-pandemic commute


Planning for the post-pandemic commute

The past two years have affected every part of our lives—work, school, family, public transportation, and much more.

Paulo Nunes-Ueno, principal of Nunes-Ueno Consulting, will speak to the ways employers, transit agencies, and cities are preparing for the post-pandemic commute and why employer commute programs are now more important than ever.

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By creating more flexible commute policies and benefits, Expedia Group was able to:


  • Improve employee commute satisfaction
  • Achieve a 46% drop in single occupancy commuters
  • Increase use of all sustainable commute options​​​

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Melvin Justice


I would say when it comes to your parking, no matter if it’s paid for or not. It’s all about equity.

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