LUUMINARY21 | 6.8.21

Expert Panel:

Sustainability, Behavior Science, and Marketing


Leveraging Behavior Change Science And Marketing Tools To Promote Sustainable Modes

Hear from experts in marketing, behavior change, and employee messaging on how to encourage sustainable modes post-pandemic—such as transit, rideshare, and bike/walk.

These presenters will give you real tools and strategies to promote shared modes amongst your employees or constituents. 

The Panelists

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Lucy Noble | Google

Transportation Demand Management Program Manager

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Sean Hawks | King County Metro Transit

Strategic Communications and Brand

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Joseph Sherlock | Duke University

Senior Behavioral Researcher

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Get The New Case Study from Expedia Group

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By creating more flexible commute policies and benefits, Expedia Group was able to:


  • Improve employee commute satisfaction
  • Achieve a 46% drop in single occupancy commuters
  • Increase use of all sustainable commute options​​​

Luuminary21 | Poll Results

Lucy Noble


We want to get back to the office, we want to connect with our co-workers. And this is a great time to help people get back on public transit, our corporate shuttle, and biking to work.

Lightning Round

Pre-pandemic, what's your usual commute mode?


Sean - Walk and bus

Lucy - Bicycling

What's your favorite commute mode? 

Joey – Walk and listen

Sean – So, we actually have to have a water taxi ... it’s really beautiful on the Puget Sound with mountains in either direction. So, that one’s hard to beat.

Lucy – I’m easy... bicycling.

You know that your organization’s commute program is meeting your customers’ commute needs when?

Sean – Someone brags about their commuter benefits.

Lucy – When there is no traffic, everyone is coming to the office by bike or shared mode and parking is easy, and there are no customer complaints. And we can all go on vacation, or the transportation team can go on vacation.

Joey – P equals less than .05. That’s dreadfully nerdy. But when we see significant results, and we have proof our commute interventions are effective when running controlled trials.

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