LUUMINARY21 | 6.8.21

Employer Panel:

Commute Data and Return to Office


Leveraging Commute Data When Planning For A Return To Office

For many, the workplace of the future is one with greater flexibility where an employee works in the office some days and from home other days. Now that many employers and agencies are planning their return to offices, they’re considering strategies for continuing the hybrid model. But where do you start? With data of course!

This panel explores commute data collection and analysis—and how we can leverage this data to improve employee commutes and modify policies when we return to offices. Panelists will share strategies, challenges, and opportunities they foresee.

The Panelists

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Aneka Patel | Whole Foods Market

Transportation and Security Program Manager of Global Facilities

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Erin Hafkenschiel | Vanderbilt University

Executive Director for Mobility

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Lisa Enns | Enns Analytics

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By creating more flexible commute policies and benefits, Expedia Group was able to:


  • Improve employee commute satisfaction
  • Achieve a 46% drop in single occupancy commuters
  • Increase use of all sustainable commute options​​​

Luuminary21 | Poll Results

Aneka Patel

Whole Foods Market

I’m excited to Launch Luum and start collecting data…to stop flying blind! To start using data to be more strategic.

Lightning Round

What’s your favorite mode of commute?


Lisa - Bike

Aneka - Transit...bus...I’m a transit girl

If you could multi-task during your commute what would you do?

Erin listening to a podcast...NYTIMES daily 

Lisaexercise my dog

Anekasleep for another 25 mins on bus if I could…but I typically scroll through Twitter and get my news for the day

I’ll know my orgs commute program is meeting my commute needs when:

ErinWhen everyone feels supported in whatever their chosen commute mode it and everyone has more than one commute option when coming to campus

LisaWhen everyone knows how to use transit, card and how to pay for it

AnekaWhen I can start selling off parking spots…making sure that everyone at WFM has options/alternatives…waiting for initiatives to start and be done

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