In the Luumlight

Luum CEO Issues Statement Regarding King County 2030 Emission’s Pledge

SEATTLE – August 28, 2020 – Sohier Hall, co-founder and CEO of Seattle-based Commute Management Software company Luum, today issued the following statement about King County’s plans to reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent and improve climate equity by 2030.

“For far too long, we have answered the imminent threat of irreparable climate change with responses that fall short on broad-based action or benefit. We have ignored the plight of Black and brown communities who continue to suffer the consequences of this inaction. Sadly, the pandemic has compounded the problem. Solutions seem further from our reach as we grapple with a virus that exacerbates inequities in our community. Now is the time for our country and our communities to take bold steps forward. Now is the time to take concrete steps to reduce carbon emissions. Now is the time to embrace equality for all in the pursuit of more livable neighborhoods.

Climate action and equity are inextricably connected. We know what steps to take. The science and technology already exist. We just need a collective will to do what we already know is right and just.  And importantly, this is not a zero sum end-game. Luum applauds King County and County Executive Dow Constantine for taking a leadership position on these important issues at a time that is decidedly inopportune. Luum pledges its commitment to advocate and act in furtherance of climate equity. We call on community leaders, business leaders, and citizens to support this plan by embracing policies and practices to help us combat climate change and the injustices it inflicts on our communities.”