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Countdown to Expedia Group Case Study Release


Years before making the move to their new Seattle campus, Expedia Group (EG) set out building their commute program of the future with goals of expanding sustainable mobility offerings, dropping single-occupancy car trips, and improving the employee experience. Along the way, EG achieved a 46% drop in drive-alone rate and rising commuter happiness scores—creating a flexible, forward-thinking model for others to follow.

The following webinar sketches out the framework for the soon-to-be-released Expedia Group Case Study, Flexibility and Choice: A phased approach to commuter behavior change.  Get a glimpse into the policies, programs, and technology that power the Expedia Group Campus Commute. And be sure to enter your email below to get a copy of the case study delivered to your inbox the day it drops.

Expedia Group partnered with Nelson\Nygaard and Luum for their employee commute program, the webinar, and case study.


Location: Seattle, WA
Industry: Technology
Employees: 4,500 

Watch The Webinar

Get a first-hand look at the policies and platform that have shaped the Expedia Group commute program, making it one of the most forward-thinking, employee-empowering programs out there.   

Josh Khana, Expedia Group
Melanie Truhn, Nelson\Nygaard
Kim Jones, Luum

Hosted by:
Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT)

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Expedia Group dropped their SOV year-over-year while growing sustainable engagement


bike ridership growth


vanpool ridership growth


carpool ridership growth

Five Key Takeaways from the Expedia Group Case Study



Phased policy roll-outs are highly impactful, especially when clearly communicated and tied to long-term goals and mission.


Move away from policies like monthly parking and the Catch-22 of a parking OR transit benefit. 


Mix incentives and disincentives to maximize behavior change. Parking charges can offset cost of the incentives.


Offer flexible commuter benefits as part of your compensation package. Vital to attracting and retaining great talent.


Taking a focus to educating and listening to employees is an essential complement to policy effectiveness and program health.

Get The Case Study Emailed To You

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