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“Don’t Agonize, Incentivize” Luum CEO Interviewed by CoMotion about corporate subsidies for bike commuting amidst Covid-19

Luum CEO, Sohier Hall, was interviewed by CoMotion News in an article about the opportunity for bike subsidy and incentive programs sponsored at both the corporate and government level.

As commuters return after work from home mandates are lifted, there will be massive commute gridlock as many individuals opt to drive to work. According to Sisson, this presents an opportunity to promote bike commuting. But how do we seize this moment?

“Parking, says Hall, is where the shift to more sustainable cities begins. Charge more for parking, create little incentives to take other modes, and work with supply and demand, and companies can encourage sustainable travel. Free parking is a subsidy; why not spread that subsidy in different ways, and utilize expensive real estate for more than empty asphalt?”

Equitable commute benefits are catching on in cities like the District of Columbia where a DC Transportation Benefits Equity Act was just enacted in April 2020. This new law requires employers that subsidize the cost of parking for employees, to provide an equal transportation subsidy to its employees who do not drive and park. Instead of spending money on expensive parking spaces for employees, why not use some of that cost for bike, walk, and transit subsidies?

Read the full article from CoMotion to learn how other companies and cities are subsidizing bike share programs, providing e-bike subsidies, and establishing corporate bike loaner programs.

Read the full article here.

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