Pre-tax Commuter Cards

Streamline administrative workflows and bring all commute related expenses into one central management hub where Luum handles the tax implications and helps you deliver better employee experiences.

Commuter Benefits Elections

Unrivaled Visibility

Discover new levels of commuter clarity when unleashing the combined power of Luum's unified benefits platform with your digital wallet ready pre-tax commuter cards.

Admins will gain unprecedented visibility into how subsidies are used and how employees are commuting, while employees have 24/7/365 access to benefits elections, snapshots of history and are able to self-enroll.

You're In Good Commute Company

Tax Savings All-Around

Employees save up to 40% on commute expenses and employers save on payroll taxes. Luum administers pre-tax commuter benefits for parking, transit, and ridesharing. Employees can make elections and take advantage of employer subsidies when adding pre-tax dollars to their prepaid commuter card. A virtual prepaid card is also available and is digital wallet compatible.

Commuter Benefits Enrollment and Card_
Commuter Benefits Election and Subsidy Management

Commute Subsidies

Manage your program spending holistically and with greater automation. Scale benefits programs and better predict program spend and ROI. Subsidies are employer provided payments an employee can use towards the purchase of an eligible commute expense.

Employers who choose to offer subsidies will be able to configure the amount of subsidy offered to a particular employee as a percentage or dollar amount for transit, vanpools, parking, and other expenses. Employers can also set a total subsidy cap when subsidies are offered for transit, parking, or other approved modes.

Mobility App Integrations

Luum’s software unifies the commute and integrates with a number of mobility apps to deliver better employee experiences.


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Other Luum Features for your consideration

Gamification and Rewards

Create friendly competition with Leaderboards and Rewards. Employees earn Virtual Badges based on commute behaviors and logging commutes are simple with Commute Calendar.

Ride Matching

Streamline administrative workflows and bring all commute related expenses into one central management hub where. Let Luum handle the tax implications of the benefits based on policy.

Automated Marketing

Invite employees to explore commuter benefits on day one. Send targeted communications and campaigns based on commute preferences for higher levels of employee engagement.

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