In the Luumlight

An Open Letter to Essential Workers, Everywhere.

Dear Essential Workers,

You are to be celebrated. The indisputable people of the year. The ones performing work so vital to the health of our communities that staying home isn’t an option. You are our commute heroes, every day, and we thank you. 

Whether you are our nurse, our doctor, or our pharmacist. Our grocery store clerk, package delivery personnel, or public transit driver. Our sister, our friend, our partner. You are our heroes on the frontlines, and we just want to say thank you. 

Thank you for risking your lives, so we can stay home. 

Thank you for treating our sick, so we can observe our distancing. 

Thank you for stocking our grocery stores, so we can eat and stay healthy.

Thank you for delivering our packages, so we can find comfort, eat takeout, or mail masks we’ve sewn at home. 

Thank you for driving our buses, so these essential workers can still commute. 

Image from King County Metro Instagram Page (@kcmetrobus)

Now is a time for generosity, empathy, and gratitude. We are in this together and we thank you—on the frontlines—you are so profoundly appreciated.

With Gratitude,
The Luum Team