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A Letter from our CEO: COVID-19 & The Commute

To our valued customers, partners, and commuters around the world, 
I wanted to take a moment to personally address the COVID-19 situation and the measures our team has taken to mitigate the impact. 

Our number one priority is the health and wellness of our team, partners, and community. To minimize the impact of COVID-19 and ensure business continuity so that we continue to meet your needs at this time, we have shifted some of our internal policies and reinforced others:

  • We have now enacted a default work from home policy. With school closures and other unusual events, we encourage our team to set healthy work-life boundaries, take breaks for exercise and mental health, to sign off when feeling unwell, and to take whatever time they need to heal.
  • While we do not currently understand this to be the case, we will notify you in the event that a Luum team member who is sick has come into contact with your teams. 
  • We incorporated online tools to ensure our team can continue to work collaboratively and creatively despite social distancing.
  • All customers and partner meetings have been switched to video-conference calls. Business travel has been postponed until further notice.
  • We are evaluating the Luuminary conference currently planned for May, and are developing a Plan B to shift all conference programming online if necessary. More to follow. 

Although our office is closed, a big video conference is the next best way to host a team meeting.

All of us are experiencing a completely new frontier in how we work, and how we get to and from work. In these changing times, we are committed to working with every customer to rapidly adapt their commute policies and practices:

  • We will continue to work closely with all our customers to monitor their commute data and assist with policy changes on the fly.
  • Hospitals are at the front line and Luum is actively partnering with our healthcare customers to identify solutions that we can rapidly deploy. Our goal is to ensure essential employees can be where they are needed.
  • We’ve been looking for ways to brighten the experience of working from home. Our designers added a new reward for telecommuting that’s easily adapted for you to continue engaging with your employees in this new environment. 
  • Stay tuned as we work together to understand your needs and how Luum can best support you in this extraordinary time.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or ideas.

Moving forward together,

E. Sohier Hall
Luum President and CEO 

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